Please call us at 570-673-4544 before starting the referral process to see if we have an open spot.

Our Oasis of Hope residence currently has openings and is receiving applications from sex trafficking survivors for assistance. Applications may come from anywhere within the United States, but the applicant must be a U.S. Citizen. We evaluate each applicant individually and, if approved will provide services such as outreach, referrals, food, clothing, transportation, job skills training, and sheltering. All services are contingent on available funding.

Please allow at least 10 days for processing during the application process. Currently, we are only accepting domestic minors ages 12 to 18 that have been victims of sex trafficking. Our program/residence is located in Pennsylvania.

Part 1: Parent, Guardian or Agency Application

The following will be needed by Oasis of Hope to completely evaluate what needs the applicant will need before the guest is accepted into our program. All records should be less than 30 days old where possible.

Guest are to obtain STD testing, TB testing, drug testing (urinalysis), pregnancy testing, a comprehensive physical, vision exam, psychological evaluation, and a copy of all immunization records prior to arriving at Oasis of Hope. Proof that a resident has obtains all of these items will be necessary for our medical records. If there are any difficulties obtaining any of these, please contact us for assistance. Upon acceptance, we will need a copy of the birth certificate, Social Security card, Picture ID.

Terms of probation (if it applies), and any information you can provide about the trafficking case. We will also need an approved contact list.

Referral Form 

Part 2: Guest Application

We want to begin communication with you to find out why you want to be in our program. Remember this is not a test it only helps you to transistion into our program. We would like to know your likes, dislikes, and your goals. We even want to know what kinds of foods you like. No answer is a wrong answer, just answer honestly.

Guest Application        Release of Information  

Part 3: Guest Orientation/Oasis of Hope Handbook

Step 3 is to read the Orientation and Information Packet . We want to make sure you understand all the polices. As you look over the handbook, please make note of any questions or concerns you have. When we do a phone interview we will discuss your application and the policies. We want you to feel comfortable about coming to Oasis of Hope. We know going some place new can be scary but we want you to feel very welcomed and supported.

Students Rights & Grievance Procedures 

Part 4: Records

We need a copy of the most recent medical records, school records, psychological evaluation, terms of probation (if it applies), and any information you can provide about the trafficking case. We will also need an approved contact list with email and phone contacts.

Email us at or send the information to P.O. Box 406, Troy, PA 16947. Whatever is more convenient for you.

Emergency Info. 

Part 5: Acceptance

Once we receive all the proper documentation and the phone interview has been completed – if we feel that we would be a good fit for your child and her for us, we will email or mail you an official acceptance letter. Please know that we try to make this process as smooth and fast as possible. If we do not accept your child, we will give you a list of other programs you may find to be a better fit.

Remember, we are a LEVEL 1 facility. We are NOT a lock down. We do have 24 hour staffing but we are not equipped to handle certain children that need a higher level of care.

Part 6: Travel Plans

We do not pay for any travel to and from Oasis of Hope. We suggest you coordinate the travel plans with law enforcement because sometimes there are funds set aside for victims of crime that can cover these costs. Please do not make travel plans without consulting our staff! We also ask that if you plan to accompany your child, you find accommodations in a hotel near the house. We can make recommendations, but do not have a place for parents to stay on property.