Sex Trafficking is the commercial sexual exploitation of individuals through prostitution, pornography, and sexual performance.

Oasis of Hope is a residential program serving women 18 years and older who are survivors of Sex Trafficking. Our program offers a continuum of care including therapy, education, life skills, and more; all designed to foster change in the life of each survivor. Oasis of Hope provides a safe and supportive environment for each survivor to heal, grow, and overcome. 

Therapeutic services for each survivor include the development of an individualized support plan (ISP) focused on a strength based approach to map out survivor’s goals and the steps needed to achieve them. Therapy is provided onsite and includes both individual and group counselling. Family therapy is also utilized if appropriate.

Oasis of Hope encourages residents to participate in bible study, group/community worship, and other spiritual activities, which follows their mission to restore survivor’s lives through Jesus Christ. 

Survivors will also gain a greater understanding and awareness of Human Sex Trafficking and be given opportunities to make an impact in our stand against it.